Quick Construction Update – Phase 2

Our Phase 2 contractor, Hazelwood. is making progress on the West Fernie construction.  We are currently targeting mid-June to have the works complete, with only some potential clean-up remaining after.

Ditching in the lower area of Phase 2 is still to be filled in.  The original plan was to place special soil to promote infiltration and then seed it.  Hazelwood has asked that drain rock be placed rather than topsoil and seed.  This will still allow the water to soak into the ground, so the storm system will still work as designed (click here to view the storm system overview).  The RDEK does not have a concern with this change and we understand that some people in the community would prefer the drain rock.

If you have a concern with drain rock being installed in front of your property, please let Elizabeth know by email (eahlgren@rdek.bc.ca) right away.  Hazelwood will be starting this work next week.  This only applies if:

  • you are in the lower area of Phase 2 (Riverside, Beaver, Hartley, Colclough, Hand), and
  • there is a ditch in front of your property

Blake with MPE and Evan with Hazelwood are on site if you need something to be looked at on site right away.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience with the construction and look forward to celebrating the completion soon!