May 30, 2017 Update – Phase 2

Beach Avenue west of Beaver (towards Hoath/Burma) is closed again today.  The Contractor will be working their way up Beach and Burma to Stewart with the sanitary sewer and then watermains.  It’s expected that access through Beach to Stewart will be closed for about 2 weeks.  The actual “closed” portion will vary, so access to Hoath will be open at different times.

We know the contractor is spread out quite a bit through the Phase 2 area.  Once all the dewatering infrastructure has been removed, Hazelwood intends to grade out the disturbed roads.  We are currently waiting for Fortis to relocate a gas main before installing the storm main in Beaver.

We also wanted to let you know about an incident this morning with a dump truck and a hydro pole at the corner of McDonald and the highway.  The truck was backing up with a trailer and lost track of the trailer which hit the hydro pole. The pole is leaning away from the road and nobody was hurt in the incident.  BC Hydro is on site replacing the pole. The dump truck is a subcontractor to Hazelwood.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Project Manager Elizabeth Ahlgren at