Construction Update (April 21, 2017)

Dawson (Phase 1 contractor) and Hazelwood (Phase 2 contractor) are both on site gearing up to begin construction next week.

Dawson will be digging some test pits in Hand today (April 21) and plans to begin pipe installation at the north end of Hand next week.

Hazelwood is currently on the ground setting up dewatering equipment.  Drilling and set up will continue this week and dewatering will start over the weekend.  They will begin stripping asphalt on Monday and setting pipe starting Tuesday in Colclough.  They are working with the residents to ensure that the dewatering equipment is not too disruptive in terms of access.  Pipe and prep work will continue this week including delivery of materials.

Also, remember to get in touch with Elizabeth ( before May 1 if you are interested in purchasing additional services for your property.