Update & Additional Services deadline

Construction in West Fernie continues!  To date, the underground works are complete (so only road gravels and paving remain) in the following streets:  Eckersley, Commons, Hesketh, Colclough and a portion of Riverside and McDonald.  The watermain and sanitary sewer have been installed in Mill and in McDonald between Commons & Eckersley, but the storm sewer in these streets is not complete.

Dawson Construction Ltd (Dawson), the contractor for Phase 1, will have additional workers on site throughout this week.  In addition to continuing underground works in the remaining streets, Dawson plans to start installing road gravels in August.

**Deadline for Phase 1 requests** If you would like an additional service to your property for future subdivision and have not yet submitted your form and payment, please contact Elizabeth Ahlgren (contact info below) by Wednesday, August 10.  We will not be able to process requests after this date.

If you have questions about the West Fernie project, please contact Elizabeth Ahlgren, RDEK Project Supervisor at eahlgren@rdek.bc.ca or 1-888-478-7335 or 250-489-2791.