Construction Update (June 29, 2016)

Construction in West Fernie is about to get even busier.  Dawson Construction Ltd (Dawson), the contractor for Phase 1, will have another crew starting after the July long weekend.  Work is currently underway in McDonald between Hesketh and the Highway and will continue moving east in McDonald over the next few weeks.

To date, the underground works are complete (so only road gravels and paving remain) in the following streets:  Commons, Hesketh, Colclough and a portion of Riverside.  The watermain was installed in Eckersley, but some additional water and the storm and sanitary sewers still remain.

We really appreciate the community’s patience with the disruptions that come during any construction project.  Although Dawson had a slower start than they would have liked, work is progressing well and is expected to be complete by the late fall.

We hit a few bumps at the start:  the groundwater was higher and earlier than expected, and the contractor encountered more unsuitable material than expected (some in part due to the high groundwater).  These “bumps” were escalating project costs.  The design team took a step back to determine if there was further room to optimize the design to ensure everyone could be provided a consistent and fair level of service within the available budget for Phase 1 and Phase 2. Ultimately, it was recommended we return to a gravity design, very similar to what was shown at the October 2015 meeting.  Click here to view the updated drawings (this attachment shows the sheets that have been updated from the previously posted IFC Drawings, which include C2.2 – 2.7 and C2.10-2.20).

If you have questions about anything in this update, or in general about the West Fernie project, please contact Elizabeth Ahlgren, RDEK Project Supervisor at or 1-888-478-7335 or 250-489-2791.