Digital “IFC” Drawings

The Issued for Construction Drawings, also known as IFC Drawings have been received.  There is a link below to the drawings; however, the file is quite large. If you would like to see the drawings for a specific area, please contact Elizabeth Ahlgren and she can send you the pages you are looking for. She can be reached at 250-489-2791, 1-888-478-7335 or

Click here to view the full IFC Drawings (note: this file is 17+MB, so may take some time to download).

We did have an inquiry from someone requesting a copy of the presentation from the Town Hall Meeting. There was no PowerPoint presentation given at the Town Hall Meeting; however, we will be posting a copy of the speaking notes early next week as we have a number of other items being sent out at the same time to the West Fernie area including our Board Highlights, and Area A Volunteer of the Year information/photos.