Detailed Design for Phase 1 Nearing Completion

The Detailed Design for Phase 1 is nearing completion and will be issued for Tender in late January.  As part of the Tender process, the RDEK completed a Request for Qualification (RFQ). Through the RFQ process, 11 contractors have been notified that they are qualified to submit Tenders for the project.  Everyone involved in the project was very pleased to see interest from such a large group of contractors, including a number of local contractors.

Notifications, approvals and permits are required from a number of regulatory agencies. These agencies have been involved in the stakeholder group from the beginning and the required applications are in progress and will be submitted as the information is finalized.  All approvals and permits are expected to be in place prior to the awarding of the Phase 1 contract, which is expected to be taken to the RDEK Board Meeting in March.

As the team worked through the detailed design, they encountered a few challenges that resulted in some necessary design changes. The changes were required to ensure storm drainage was managed with best practices to protect the environment.  In addition, changes to the sanitary sewer design were required to eliminate conflicts with the storm drainage piping and existing piping, and to improve the level of service for the community by minimizing the number of households that would have to pump to the new sanitary sewer system.  To accomplish this, a small sanitary lift station has been included in Phase 1 in addition to the sanitary lift station that was previously proposed for Phase 2.  The proposed locations, pending approvals, are:

  • Phase 1, corner of McDonald Avenue and Mill Street outside the road right of way in the adjacent park where the lift station can be properly screened from residents; and
  • Phase 2, as presented at the public open house, near the intersection of Colclough Avenue and Beaver Street on the south side of Colclough in the large Ministry of Transportation highway right of way where it can be properly screened from residents.

When the drawings are issued to Interior Health as part of the construction permit application they will also be posted on the West Fernie website for those that want to have a detailed look at the design.  The community will be notified and asked to submit any additional comments on the design at that time.  These comments will be taken into consideration before the drawings are issued for Tender.

Once the Phase 1 Design is complete, the team will begin working on Phase 2.  There have been some questions regarding Phase 2 and these will be addressed as the team gathers more information and begins working on the design.

The Phase 1 Tender will run from late January to late February and during this time we will be working with property owners to consolidate a list of people who have expressed interest in additional service connections or modified service connections to support the potential for future sub-division.  The list will be used to ensure proper coordination between the owners, design team and the successful contractor.  The bidding contractors will be asked to included unit price costs for additional service connections and modified service connections so owners will be able to make informed decisions about the installation of additional services.  Landowners may request additional services to be installed for their lot at any time up until 4 weeks before the contractor begins work in the area of their lot.


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