Open House Presentation and Documents

The Preliminary Design was reviewed at the Public Open House on October 29.  Two sessions were held where participants had an opportunity to view poster boards and ask questions prior to a presentation that was given by Don Nash, the Engineering Project Manager.  The presentation provided an overview of the existing infrastructure, conceptual designs for water, sewer, storm and roads as well as the results of modeling that confirmed that the infrastructure was sized appropriately.  Water model outputs provided information on available pressures in the new system, available fire flows, and a rough layout of the new system .  Sanitary sewer model outputs provided information on depth of bury, line sizes, capacity and a rough layout of the new system.  Storm drainage model outputs provided information on line sizes, expected flows, system capacity, discharge locations, and rough system layout.  In addition a typical residential storm drain connection and lawn basin detail was reviewed.  A typical road section was reviewed with information on how parking would be addressed while protecting drainage swales and lawn basins that would be in the swales.

A sanitary sewer pump station will be required in one area of the community.  The proposed location and the pump station package was reviewed.  For storm water pumping to reduce ponding at discharge points when the Elk River is flooded and outlets are closed, a mobile storm water pumping system is being considered with the ability to be used as a backup power system and mobile light plant.  An example of a typical mobile pump was reviewed.

After the presentation participants had an opportunity to ask questions in a public setting or to ask one on one questions after the public question and answer period was complete.  Detailed notes were taken on the questions so that the issues raised can be incorporated into the detailed design.  In some cases individual follow up will be required for specific questions.  People were encouraged to review the West Fernie Servicing Document that is posted on the Downloads page of the West Fernie website as this document outlines how various properties will be serviced depending on accessibility and other constraints.

The documents that were reviewed at the Public Open House are linked below.  Please note that the layouts presented are outputs from the system models and should be considered conceptual.  Detailed Design Drawings will be available for public review when they are issued for approvals and permits in December.  During the approval process public comments on the drawings will be considered prior to issuing the tender package for bids which is expected in late January.  If there are any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the preliminary design please email Don Nash at

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