Danger Tree Removal Next Week – West Fernie Thomson Park

Next week, we have a contractor working in West Fernie-Thomson park removing a number of standing, dead Cottonwood trees that are a hazard.  Signage will be up and crews will be spotting for the faller but, we hope to keep the public away from the trails as much as possible. The attached map shows the four locations that crews are working (noted in red). They are scheduled to begin on Tuesday 8th and could take as long as Sunday the 13th to finish work.  This is the first phase of this project.  In 2016, cleanup of the wood waste would take place (pending budget approval).  If you have any questions, you can contact Chris Bosman (cbosman@rdek.bc.ca) or Kevin Paterson (kpaterson@rdek.bc.ca) via email or at our office at 1-888-478-7335.


Map of Danger Tree Locations: 2015 West Fernie Park Danger Tree Locations