Some activity expected over the next week to ten days

Activity Update:

The engineering consultant will be doing some additional field work to gather information about the ground conditions. A “utility locate” will start tomorrow and is done to mark utility locations throughout the community, so you may see people from various utility companies marking utilities throughout West Fernie into early next week.

The geotechnical work will be done by a company called Groundtech and they will be supported by a small drilling rig and backhoe.  The drill rig will be used to sample soils at depth and the backhoe will be used to collect shallower surface samples for materials testing.  Approximately 5 test pits and 5 boreholes will be completed.  All boreholes and test pits will be immediately filled in after completion.  The test pits will be done on Tuesday and the drilling will take place Wednesday and Thursday.

You may also see Align Surveys out and about as they pick up the location of each borehole and test pit and collect some additional survey information.

Website Update:

We received an inquiry from a resident about why a question asked on the website wasn’t being posted.  We did not receive the question.  In working with our IT Department, it was discovered the module that runs the FAQ section on the West Fernie website is no longer compatible – but no error messages were posted to either the user or on the back end. Essentially, a person could ask a question but we never received them and had no idea the question had been asked.  As a result, we have rebuilt the website, changed the FAQ module (so you will notice it looks different) and have tested it.  If you asked a question on the website in the past few weeks (or longer and didn’t see it posted/answered), please resubmit your question.  We apologize for inconvenience.

The process to ask a question is very similar to before (although the layout makes it easier to see the questions and they are searchable):

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the FAQs link (beneath the header photo)
  3. On the right hand side above the list of questions, you’ll see an “Ask Question” box in red – click it
  4. You can give your question a “Title” – just a few word summary of the topic (this helps in searching) and then ask the full question / details below in the Description box.
  5. Make sure you click the “I’m not a Robot” box just below the description box
  6. Click the POST QUESTION button at the bottom
  7. It will give you an message like “question successfully submitted” and you’ll see a “Question is waiting for approval by moderator”


If you have any questions, the contacts are: