Engineering Services Contract Awarded for Phase 1

The engineering services contract for Phase 1 of the West Fernie Servicing & Restructure Project has been awarded to the Kerr Wood Leidal / MPE Engineering Team.

They will be responsible for the engineering design of the area on the southeast side of Highway 3 and construction management for Phase 1 which will include:

  • tendering
  • construction inspections
  • contract management

We expect them to be on the ground in the next few weeks as they begin the land surveys.  These surveys will provide detailed information on locations and elevations of the existing utilities, including curbstops. They will also be filling out service cards to gather specific information for each property. This information will all be used in the design and modeling of Phase 1.

From initial design to the end of construction, Phase 1 is expected to take approximately 2.5 years and the engineering contract is not to exceed $847,713.  There will be regular communication with the community throughout the project.