Quick Update

RDEK Engineering and Finance staff met with the City of Fernie Council and senior staff in July to review the Cost Benefit Analysis and discuss possible options for moving forward.  The City of Fernie  subsequently undertook a review of the information from the RDEK presentation and scheduled a meeting with the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development at the Union of BC Municipalities Conference (held last week) to discuss options available from the Provincial side to help with the potential costs of absorbing West Fernie into the City of Fernie.

The City is awaiting further information as a result of the meeting and hopes to have answers to various funding and technical issues in the near future.  Once the City has the answers needed and has shared their preferences with the RDEK, we will then be able to move forward devising a strategy that meets the City’s needs and refining the phases of the project in West Fernie.  This strategy would then be taken to the community for review and approval.

We will continue to keep the community informed and will have a presentation during our Area A Town Hall Meeting, which we hope will be held toward the end of October.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our Project Supervisor Brian De Paoli at bdepaoli@rdek.bc.ca or 1-888-478-7335.