Message from Director Sosnowski re: Petition Timing

After listening to the residents of West Fernie through the consultation on infrastructure, I heard some questions that still need to be addressed. Several people asked what the City of Fernie’s position is with respect to West Fernie. Another area of concern was cost, which I also realize is a lot of money per property.

I have asked to have the “Petition for Service” delayed until sometime in the New Year so we can gather more information and bring it back to another public information meeting. I will ask staff do a Cost Benefit Analysis to determine what the City’s cost would be to service the needs of West Fernie and assess what benefits West Fernie would bring to the City. I believe this will be the basis of a broader discussion with the City of Fernie.

At the same time I am looking at acquiring more funding from the Provincial and Federal Governments that would reduce the costs to the property owners in West Fernie. I heard from the residents of West Fernie that they are interested in new infrastructure but they want clarity on the City of Fernie position and how costs can be mitigated for property owners.

Thank you to everyone who has been providing feedback and asking questions.  Your input is invaluable.

 – Mike Sosnowski, Electoral Area A Director