West Fernie Infrastructure Assessment

The West Fernie area is located adjacent to the City of Fernie within the Regional District of East
Kootenay (RDEK). Over the last number of years concerns related to public health, environment, and
property safety have been raised in West Fernie by the Fernie Health Unit, residents of the area and
others. These concerns can be traced in part to the lack of community sanitary sewer and storm water
systems, and inadequacies of the existing water utility.
In the spring of 2010, the Regional District of East Kootenay engaged Urban Systems to complete a
servicing assessment for West Fernie. Specifically, the request for services included investigation of the
necessary upgrades and improvements to sanitary sewer, water, storm water, flood management, road,
and street lighting, and preparation of associated cost estimates. It was envisioned that the results of
these investigations would provide background material for a potential City of Fernie boundary
restructure to annex West Fernie within the City, potentially as part of a broader boundary restructure

West Fernie Infrastructure Assessment
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